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We aim on contributing to people’s wellbeing by serving tasty, genuine food in an inspiring environment. That’s why we conceived Poke House as more than a poke chain. From the food we serve to our interior design, everything expresses positivity as well as a fun and healthy spirit. We know that life in the city can be stressful and drain your energy, so come in our Houses to take a break, feel the good vibes and be encouraged to dream big – just as we do!
Poke House Vittoria Zanetti e Matteo Pichi

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Close your eyes. Feel the breeze on your face. Listen to the sound of the ocean waves crushing on the beach…Welcome to Poke House! All our locations have a unique, California-inspired design that has been carefully developed to be trendy but casual. Wood, marble, jute and wicker have been used for most of our interiors, giving a touch of wildness and exoticism. Our pink walls are a tribute to California’s street art and vibe, using canvases, neon lights resembling a basketball hoop or L.A.’s popular angel wings. And to make
you live the full experience, we have created a playlist that will make you feel like in an endless Californian summer (spoiler: look for Poke Fun on Spotify!)


Poke is the main dish of Native Hawaiian cuisine – the word simply means “chunk” in Hawaiian. We love it because it is made of simple, unprocessed ingredients that are incredibly full of nutrients. From the cauliflower rice to our beloved salmon, everything is selected from local suppliers with the highest quality standards. Eating a poke bowl will fuel your body and please your eyes – what’s best than that? And you have endless possibilities to find the perfect taste: choose of our signatures or create your own poke for new, mind-blowing combinations!
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