Our MENU NEWS are here

Don’t worry if after you read this, all you’ll think about is:
🎵 “Falling in Looove, wiiiith youuu!” 🎵
(it’s normal, already happened to us when we discovered the new menu 😅)


“Crunch, crunch, crunch”, “mmmm”, “How can this be Vegan?” – These words will be your soundtrack when you try the new plant-based chicken nuggets in your new favourite bowl. 😅

Be amazed by the taste and crunch!


Granola will be your best snack friend!
Try our new recipe with strawberries and enjoy the flavour of Açai together with fresh fruit and a tasty twist! 😃


After work, as a snack or after a sports session. If you’re looking for an energy boost at any time of day, our healthy and tasty Smoothies are for you.
We have two new flavours, Sweet Pink & Choco Boost – created with the most popular ingredients – are waiting for you! Try them, we have one for every mood! 🤩

That’s not all – we don’t want to spoil too much – but you can discover all the NEW Ingredients in House or on Delivery!

Ready to Eat?