Our House, your House! Join our Poke House Squad 📲

Join the Poke House Squad and become part of our community to experience together the energy, colour and taste of California with different poke bowls every day.

The Squad Card will be your special ticket to exclusive benefits: a free poke bowl for every 10 purchases, a welcome gift and every month new exclusive surprises just for you! 💙


A gifted poke for every 10!

Are you a lover of House Special or are you more on “new day, new match”? Whatever your preference, for every 10 poke bowls, the 11th will be on us!

Every month an exclusive offer!

Special gifts, complimentary ingredients, preview tastings & much more 


All you need is your smartphone to access it all! 📱


Just follow these simple steps:

Fill in the form to sign up
Open the Card, save it in the Wallet of your phone and enable notifications

Come to the House and before paying show the Card to the staff

Enjoy 10 poke bowls, the 11th will be on us!

Date of birth

**offer valid only for in-store purchases and on request for take away ones.
It means 1 scan per card per customer for each purchase made. The card is nominal”

Have you lost your Squad Card? Click here!