Our commitment to improving the impact on the environment and society.

In 2022, we became a Benefit Company and we are increasingly committed to advancing our mission to nourish the world with positivity and well-being through ambitious projects in the field of sustainability with the aim of creating a common benefit for the environment, employees, customers and shareholders.

As a Benefit Company,
we are officially committed to:

Create an environment
positive working

We continuously invest in training
and in employee development.

Offer fresh ingredients and
high quality

Every day we engage in the search for
best raw materials for Poke House Lovers worldwide.

Transmitting a healthy lifestyle and
environmentally friendly

Our research also involves orientation
towards low impact processes and ingredients.

Working with other companies
on sustainable projects

We are working to bring new
projects together with other realities with our own intentions.


La ricerca delle materie prime e dei fornitori è alla base del nostro prodotto. Non cerchiamo mai il prodotto finito, ma l’ingrediente fresco per esaltarne le qualità e per creare ricette incredibilmente saporite.


Continuous research is one of our key points. For each new recipe, for each new ingredient, we work with passion, doing many tests, to seek perfection. Nothing comes to our House if it does not reach excellence and even after introducing some news, we are not satisfied and we always look for a way to make every recipe better and better!


All the ingredients and our recipes are unique. Personalization is what distinguishes us: we have always given our personal touch by making all the raw materials in our Houses and creating secret recipes for our sauces. This customization is very risky to ensure our very high quality standards, but thanks to the expertise of every single chef in our Houses we are able to maintain quality and uniqueness.